You Need to Hold on to Survice

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So fast years have passed by,
Have they gone one or two at a time?
Hopes faded away
before even blooming,
Are they too late for happiness?
To the ones we hoped to change,
Time had no effect.
Only your hair turning grey,
The lines on your face have changed.
Another hope failed,
An empty dream all in all,
Same as before.
Just like this giant plane tree,
What days it has seen,
Memories bitter and sweet,
All placed in its heart,
Time flew by so fast,
Same as before.
Remember the youth full of hope,
Chasing even the tiny joys
in your heart.
Look, take a look,
See if you can,
Same as before.

Innocent looks,
A zealous heart,
Beat, beat if you can.
Same as before.
Is this weary body,
Cross with mirrors,
Look, get up and look,
Same as before.
When you thought of love
as the greatest treasure,
Maybe deceived in thinking
you were most happy,
Go back to those days if you can
Same as before.
Maybe your weary heart,
Misses the past.
Go now don’t wait,
If you can as before.
Time has passed,
You spent one lifetime,
think not all is same,
Go, go now and love,
If you can,
Same as before.

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