Ada Atakan

The Tepik

13x19.5 cm

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James was a special 14 years old boy, but he didn’t know what his specialty yet. He was a Tepik.

A Tepik, which can change everything in his and his friends’ life. Phoebe was half (good) witch and half alien and Call was half mermaid. Can they help James for learning his abilities within this limited time?

Perhaps yes, but there was a problem, bad witches were alive and Speculay school was quarantined. James had to search about bad witches and his specialty, he had to learn who is Jonathan Burch and William Scalph, he had to learn his Tepik abilities and should improve them.

War was too soon. Army is ready, it’s time to kill the enemy (TMDBE).

I hope you will like this journey and what it brings to you…

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