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The Greatest Mathematician

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Walk calmly in the midst of the tumult; remember that in silence there is peace. Try to be friendly with everyone unless it is clearly necessary to do otherwise. When something wrong is done to you, make sure forgetting is the best response you can give. Forgive and forget. But do not surrender to anyone. Be sincere; speak unhurriedly, briefly and clearly. Listen to others too. Listen to them even when they are stupid and ignorant because everyone in the world has a story. Try to enjoy not only your plans, but also your successes. Take care of your business, no matter how small, for It is your foundation in life. If you choose a job that you love, you will not have worked or become tired even for a moment in your life. Love your job so much that while your successes strengthen your body and heart, also start new lives with what you give.
Look as you are and be as you look. Do not pretend to love when you do not. Make recommendations to your environment but do not dominate. If you judge people, you will not have the time to love them. And remember that what humanity has learned over the centuries is no more than a grain of sand on an infinitely long beach.
Do not turn your back to love; it is a lush garden in the middle of the desert. Remember that every plant needs constant care so you can be a worthy gardener.
Prefer losing to immoral gain. The pain of the former lasts for a moment, the guilt of the other lasts for a lifetime. Some ideals are so valuable that even being defeated in its path is considered a victory. The greatest legacy you will leave in this world is honesty.
Do not be angry at the passing of years; leave the youthful things to the past with a smile. Don’t let the things you can’t do hinder the things that you can do. When you cannot change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails to the wind. Because the world doesn’t care about the storms you encounter, but whether you get the ship to the harbor or not. Even though you will occasionally tend to riot, remember that it is impossible to judge the universe. So, be at peace with yourself even as you keep fighting.
Remember the time you were born; everyone was laughing happily while you were crying. Live such a life that everyone cries when you die, while you smile happily. Be patient, kind and virtuous. After all, all your wealth is yourself. Try to see that, in spite of all its filth and treason, the world is still the only beautiful place of mankind.

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