Niyazi Özkan

The Cat of Mount Ida


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You may be surprised when you read the title. You may think to yourself, “What kind of nobility could a cat have? Domestic cats are very lucky, they sleep as the guests of honour in our homes. These cats are flocky with their wool-like fur and their green or blue eyes. And then there are the street cats with nothing to eat and with no place to sleep. They are not so lucky. The municipality tries to poison and kill them on one side and people kick them on the streets on the other side.
Today, one hour before writing this piece, I was sitting in the summer garden by the sea when I saw a cat walking on the beach. It was stopping every once in a while, watching the sea and then resuming its slow walk. Then it suddenly stopped, looked left and right, and began digging the earth with its paws. After looking around once again, it urinated into the hole it had dug. Then it covered the hole with soil once again and walked away as it looked around.

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