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TETHEVA Cosmic Healing Frequencies are the “Healing Knowledge” that flow from the TAYGETA Star, from a million light years away, to our World through the channeling of NH.
TETHEVA completes the healing knowledge on our planet with the missing “Cosmic SOUND” frequencies. It mediates your multi-dimensional deific conscious to wake up to a new cosmic reality. By revealing the healing power of the cosmic frequencies in the magnetic field, TETHEVA enables you to reach “BALANCE” in all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
You can receive sessions to experience TETHEVA, or, regardless of your age, education or physical condition, you can participate in the trainings, which are in “Practical Training” format, and apply it to yourself or to others.
If you are already a healer, TETHEVA will carry you to higher dimensions; if you are aspiring to become a healer, TETHEVA will help you discover the healer in yourself and activate your “Life purpose” this way, guiding you to serve mankind.
TETHEVA is the key of passing from KNOW’ing to BE’ing, the transition from the mind to the HEART.
“Healerism is a divine seed, which is planted by the Creator into every man, waiting to blossom. There is a NOW for everything. Who knows, maybe your NOW is the MOMENT you hold this book in your hands.”

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