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Suspense till the Last Page

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A solution was needed; wherever there was man there had to be war, damage, destruction, annihilation, display of power… These were engraved in our genes. The use of toxicological substances was found to be practical. I am not talking about your regular poisons, my friends. These include technological sauces. E-mails, for instance. A mail is sent to your computer standing right in front of your nose. If you open the message, your blood pressure and your pulse go down, and you die. I also need to tell you about the lights with stimulant effect. As soon as this light, whether white, yellow or red, contacts your skin, it shows its effects and causes your blood to madly flow inside your veins. Then blood erupts out from your ears, mouth and even from your belly button. And again, you are dead. It is possible to provide many more examples like this.
You know the cause-effect principle; the solution was not delayed. Investigation offices were established.
The best one? The best one was the one that T built up with C. They are both doctors and detectives at the same time. And there you have the one they called the Bureau of Medical Investigation C/T. This duo became the nightmare of the mechanics, the Mechas for short.

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