Erhan Aptullahoğlu

Professional English for Molecular Biology Students

16x23 cm

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English is the universal form of communication in Science. Therefore, having a good command of professional English enables you to appeal to the widest possible range of people and to follow the developments in the rapidly changing world.
This is a professional development and practice book prepared for those who are studying or aiming to study in the field of Molecular Biology. İt has been written for upper intermediate language learners who are seeking to improve professional language skills and vocabulary in their field.
Selected topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology are presented in chapters. İn each chapter, terms and phrases that you may encounter frequently in your professional and academic life are listed. Self-study exercises and puzzles in each chapter allow you to reinforce the vocabulary you learned. You will also find group exercises that you can perform in a classroom environment. The book provides enough material for approximately 30 hours of classroom activity.

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