Hasan Algül

Holy Grail in Anatolia

13x19.5 cm

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The Holy Grail is a mystery that has not been solved yet, or it is a myth that has been told for centuries. So, could the key that would solve the mystery of the Holy Grail be in Anatolia? Or maybe the Grail itself?
Why have so many western mystics, researchers, alchemists, explorers and founders of secret societies felt the need to visit Istanbul and Anatolia over the centuries?
Philip IV, the French King of Navarre, had received a secret message. And this secret message disclosed the location of the Holy Grail which was thought to be nothing more than a myth.
Without wasting any time, Philip IV assigned a three-man team to steal the Grail from the Knights of the Temple and bring it to him. Leading the team was Louis, a brave and venturous knight, fully devoted to the King.
In this book, you will read about the battles of Louis and his men against the Knights of the Temple, as well as his love with a girl at an Armenian village in Anatolia.

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