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Easy Turkish

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Easy Turkish Through Dialogues is an educational book designed specifically for English speaking learners of every age who need a beneficial book for learning Turkish. I have prepared this book which aims to instruct a practical spoken language through common Turkish dialogues.
Language is a miracle It is an amazing feeling to say even a simple “Hello” in another language to see the happiness in the eyes of the other person who speaks that language. If a simple word can do that, can you imagine the magnitude of happiness when you make up a sentence? You will be surprised how open people are when you speak their native language
I will draw your attention to this famous Turkish proverb “Bir dil bir insan, iki dil iki insan.” This proverb can be translated as “if you know one language you are one person but if you know two languages you are two persons.” Keeping this in mind; you are learning not only a new language, but also a new culture, a new point of view, a new enjoyable way to communicate with others. Since that makes you another person why don’t you become two, three or four persons? And I think, now is the correct time for you to get started with Turkish.

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