Mualla Atlamaz

Easy To Learn Turkish Grammar Dialogues

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Mualla Atlamaz was born in Samsun. She graduated from “İktisadi ve Ticari İlimler Akademisi” (Academy of Commerce and Economics) in İstanbul. In U.S.A., she became a teacher of Foreign Service Institute Language School of the State Department. She has applied the F.S.I. method together with linguists for 3 years as a Turkish language instructor.
For the following 10 years, she has worked as a Turkish teacher in Consulate of U.S.A. in İstanbul. She has also taught Turkish in summer courses of the Turkish-American Association T.A.U.A. for 15 years. For about 45 years she has worked as a private instructor to countless numbers of people of every nation and profession.
The purpose of this book is to provide ample material for teaching the grammar rules of the Turkish language and their applications in daily conversations. This book employs an analytical approach to a wide variety of grammar rules. All suffixes being structed according to vowel harmony, are easily understandable. It also gives to the foreign students of Turkish a large number of appropriate exercises as a result of all these years’ experiences. The dialogues enrich and enforce grammar rules applications in daily conversations. Each unit has drills and answers for a better understanding and learning of the chapter.

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