Alum Bati

Caravan To Paradise

13x21 cm

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Be ready for a roller – coaster of a thriller…
If you enjoyed Alum’s debut novel, Harem Secrets, you will enjoy Caravan To Paradise even more. This taut, compelling thriller will keep you guessing till the very end.
It’s 1531, İstanbul, in the Ottoman Empire. Adam Pahsa, a precocious judge, has prematurely retired from service as a member of the Imperial Council. Going on pilgrimage to Mecca, he is asked to carry a top secret letter for delivery to the governor of Damascus. Little does he know that everyone from the Grand Vizier down wants to get hold of that letter. There are those who will kill to get it.
The journey to Damascus is fraught with danger. Syria has been an Ottoman province for less than a generation and has rebelled once already. A small spark could light the fire of revolt. Could the mysterious letter be that spark?
If you think you can see beyond the twists and turns in this gripping adventure, try a new pair of glasses

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