Alaaddin Turgut


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Bu kitapla birlikte ahşap çerçeveli afişini de alabilirsiniz.

It is your good luck that you have met this book of 24 lessons.
Because you will see that the Turkish grammar is like a game
that you will enjoy, and is not so difficult as you may have heard. At the beginning of the lessons you will have a general view of the language. This will give you a general understanding about the mechanism of the language.
The voice files about the examples and dialogues that you will need are given in a link in Youtube. The basic structure is given in a clear and understandable form.
In contrast to its small size, the book has a big volume. The lessons are supplied with
a. dialogues of daily conversations,
b. plenty of examples with their English tranlation
c. plenty of excercises with keys
d. ways of word derivation
e. a glossary at the end
It is best to learn one rule at a time, and not to go on the next rule without mastering what you have learnt. Language learning is gaining a new habit. This is possible by listening, and by constant revision and repetition.
More haste more waste.
When you have finished the lessons your friends will be surprised to see you speaking good Turkish in such a short time.

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