Emre Sermutlu

A Collection of Problems on: Linear Algebra

14x21 cm

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Emre Sermutlu graduated from Middle East Technical University Physics and Mathematics (Double Major) programs and then finished his Ph.D. in Bilkent Mathematics Department. He has several decades of experience in teaching mathematics and physics to science and engineering students in Çankaya University.
The emphasis on this book is on the methods and techniques of Linear Algebra, as well as very few number of fundamental ideas and the relationships among them.
In my experience, learning by actually doing is the best way. You can’t learn by watching someone else doing it
The material in each chapter can (and should) be finished in one week. There is a sufficient number of problems with solutions. The explanations are as short as possible, but not shorter. The exercises are ordered from easy to difficult. While the number of questions is not very large, almost every trick of the trade is covered by one of them.

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